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global health

How a baby in a remote island nation got vaccinated is "a big leap for global health"

An infant in a South Pacific island village received vaccines for hepatitis and tuberculosis from a first-of-its-kind drone delivery Monday.
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Why Did the Trump Administration Oppose a Global Breastfeeding Initiative?

Government delegates thought the resolution would pass without a hitch before U.S. officials reportedly threatened at least one country with sanctions if they didn't remove pro-breastfeeding language.
Marie Solis
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

Rethinking the System: Five Experts Imagine a Better Future

From the #MeToo movement to Afrofuturism, writers, documentarians, and other authorities offer their vision of a more utopian future.
E.J. Graff
George Turner
Astra Taylor
Ngozi Erondu
Reynaldo Anderson
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Fake Doctor Accused of Infecting At Least 40 People With HIV Arrested in India [Updated]

Unqualified doctors are a widespread problem in India, where the gaps between public health services can foster unregulated private clinics.
Ankita Rao
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This Flying Hospital Trains Doctors to Fight Blindness Around the World

The majority of blindness cases are in the developing world a lot of them could be prevented or treated.
Clara Hogan
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Watch as Global Thought Leaders Talk About Solving Inequality Worldwide

At the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Goalkeepers event, here’s what activists from around the world had to say about moving the needle on the UN’s Goals to save the planet.
Christina Evans

Cultural Traditions Are Fueling the Spread of a Rare Tuberculosis Strain

Poverty is also a factor, but customs like eating raw meat and drinking blood are not helping.
Sophie Cousins

India’s Aging Sex Workers Are Facing a Healthcare Crisis

STDs and stigma are now the least of their concerns.
Justin Heifetz​​
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New Gates Foundation Report Shows Wins on Global Issues but Tough Challenges Ahead

The report will be published every year until 2030 and brings attention to gains made and work to be done towards addressing global health, development, poverty and other issues.
Alexis Chemblette
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VICE Impact's New Film Highlights Progress and Challenges of Global Issues

Former President Barack Obama will speak at an international event convening leading activists addressing global health, women’s empowerment and purpose-driven tech.
Impact Staff
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Diabetes Now Kills More People in South Africa Than HIV

The country's near-total focus on HIV over the past 15 years has saved countless lives but starved other diseases of resources.
Linda Nordling
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The Philippine Government is Powerless to Stop the Rise of HIV

Grassroots efforts prove to be way more effective at both diagnosis and support.
Justin Heifetz​​