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Tens of Thousands of GM Auto Workers Are on Strike Today. This Is Why.

Unionized General Motors workers walked off the factory floors in about 30 facilities across 9 states in the industry’s biggest major labor action in over a decade.
Alex Lubben
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Michigan's White, Blue-Collar Voters Helped Give Trump the White House. Will They Turn on Him in 2020?

Trump won Michigan by just over 10,000 votes in 2016 in part by promising to bring jobs back. But now GM is laying off workers.
Cameron Joseph

Nooses, "whites only" signs, and a monkey doll plague black workers at GM plant, lawsuit says

Workers allege a long pattern of racist harassment that has gone unaddressed at the Toledo plant.
Tess Owen
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Vegas shooter had dozens of guns, Tom Petty dies at 66, Trump's lawyer talked real estate with Russians during campaign, and more.
VICE Staff

Self-driving cars will probably go mainstream because of traditional automakers — not tech companies

David Gilbert
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Nobody Knows Where This Field of Genetically Modified Wheat Came From

Genetically modified wheat, like the plants found in Washington, is not approved for “sale or consumption” in the United States, and who planted the outlaw wheat remains a total mystery.
Charley Lanyon

Car Makers Hedge Against the Future with Ridesharing Investments

Toyota, GM, and Ford must adjust to a future which on-demand rides are a big part of how people get around.
John Wenz
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Why Toyota's Investment In Uber Is Such a Big Deal

Toyota and Uber are teaming up, and it could have big implications for the future of ridesharing.
David Bixenspan
short circuit

Google to Congress: Go Easy, Hurry Up on Self-Driving Car Regulations

You can’t stop technological progress… unless you’re the government.
Nicholas Deleon

The FDA Just Approved Genetically Modified Meat for the First Time

The Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale and consumption of super-fast-growing, genetically engineered salmon—and soon, they're coming to a plate near you.
Wyatt Marshall

Environmental Groups Worry that GM Salmon Could Cause Irreparable Harm

It’s unclear what would happen if one of the genetically modified salmon, dubbed “Frankenfish” by some, made it out into the wild. Some fear they could push out populations of wild salmon or otherwise alter the environment.
Wyatt Marshall

Scotland Is Banning Genetically Modified Crops

Scotland’s rural affairs secretary says that he refuses to “gamble with the future of our £14 billion food and drink sector” and will request to opt-out of any European Union consents for the cultivation of genetically modified crops.
Phoebe Hurst