goat milk


Fatten Yourself with Cheese to Survive Winter

Winter becomes the abysmal frozen hell that makes all humans edgy and bitter. So what can get you through these winter months? Besides the obvious combo of Xanax and marathon-watching 'Stranger Things 2', eating cheese helps a lot.
Charlotte Kamin

How Teaching Goats to Change Their Diet Can Help Create Sustainable Dairy

Dairy farmer Gloria Putnam’s goal is to wean her goats off of hay—a water-intensive crop in drought-stricken California—and get them to graze on the natural landscape.
Clarissa Wei

This Man Is on a Mission to Make Morocco Love Camel Cheese

“Although we drink the milk in the countryside, no one would ever think to make cheese from it,” says Abderrazzak Khoubbane, whose restaurant and dairy near the Morroccan coastal town of Essaouira specialises in camel milk cheese.
Laura Martin

Reindeer Ice Cream and Horse Milk Are The Dairy Products of Our Future

I spoke to Dr. Young W. Park, an expert on non-bovine dairy, about how horse milk compares to a cow's and why bear cheese isn't a thing.
Clarissa Wei

Cheddar Keeps the Lights on for Kentucky's Cheesemakers

While Kentucky has a longstanding history of dairy farming, cheesemaking is a relatively recent venture. But from chevre to Cheddar, a determined few are making it happen.
Ashlie Stevens

Halloumi Might Help Heal a Divided Cyprus

In spite of the ongoing conflicts between Turkish and Greek Cypriots, both groups want to protect their beloved thick, squeaky cheese known as halloumi.
Nick Barnets

Ass Milk Is the Drink of Choice for European Babies and Elderly Chinese

With lactose intolerance and allergies on the rise, cow milk consumption has been on the downslope for four decades.
Lauren Rothman

I Got Fogged Up on Humboldt Cheese

Humbolt Fog is the most coveted goat's milk tomme to come out of the Emerald Triangle, the lush landscape of northern California. It’s that dank, citrusy, velvety treat that melts in your mouth faster than a hit of E at a Spiritualized concert.
Charlotte Kamin

A New Flavor of Goat’s Milk Is Laced with Spider DNA

Scientists at a university in Utah are spinning up a new variety of goat milk, one loaded with the silk of the golden orb-weaver spider, a huge, carnivorous arachnid by way of genetic engineering. Wait, what?
Lauren Rothman