Strands of Volcanic Glass Called ‘Pele’s Hair’ Rain Down on Hawaii Residents

The eruption of the Big Island’s Kilauea volcano has caused “Pele’s hair,” a type of volcanic glass that resembles spun sugar, to rain down on Pāhoa residents.


'Balloon Ride,' Today's Comic by Scott Lenhardt

Things take an unexpected turn for the Twenty-Four Hour Woman when she gets swept away with balloons in hand.


Shania Twain Returns With First New Music in 15 Years, We Weep

Has a legend ever really returned if they've been in your heart this entire time?


[Premiere] Animated Short Explores Modern Day Xenophobia Through Japanese Folklore

The Mixtape Club collaborated with an acclaimed children’s book author to bring you ‘The Snow Girl.’


Why Apple Bobbing Is Actually a Female Fertility Ritual

Apple-bobbing is more than just a watery Halloween game. Throughout history, it has been the dominion of witches, sex, love, and women—an act of enchantment rather than simple pomaceous fondling.


Why It's Time We Drop Gender from Our Goddess Worship

The goddess has become a universally accepted figure among modern feminists, but the term is still tied to second-wave gender essentialism.


Lunch With Jeremy Malvin of Chrome Sparks, A Wünderkind Of Percussion Electronica

The only guy capable of wearing a white turtleneck after Labour Day and still look fly as hell.


Meeting Nepal's Living Goddesses

Rooted in both Buddhist and Hindu tradition, a select few prepubescent girls in Nepal’s Kathmandu region are chosen to become “living goddesses,” or Kumaris, until being replaced before their first menstruation. Critics argue that the tradition robs...


Diva Projections

A Diva Dompé performance is an immutable force of love, like the reverse of a horror show but with the same outcome.