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How to Convince a Robot to Hire You

Ready or not, artificial intelligence in hiring is probably here to stay. Here’s how to prepare.
Melissa Locker
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An Assistant Allegedly Stole $1.2 Million of Goldman Sachs Exec's Wine

Including fancy French stuff that sold for $20,000 a bottle.
Anna Iovine
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This 55-Year-Old Goldman Sachs President Moonlights as a DJ

Meet DJ D-Sol, aka David M. Solomon, the co-president of Goldman Sachs.
Britt Julious
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As Trump Burns Bridges, Local Government Lights The Way

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
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Trump Has Now Picked Two Goldman Sachs Execs for Top Posts

On Friday, the president-elect offered Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn a job running the National Economic Council, where he'd advise Trump on US and global economic policy matters.
Lauren Messman

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CIA boss urges Trump to keep Iran nuclear deal, Trump picks Goldman Sachs veteran Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary, Colombia Senate approves revised FARC peace deal, and more.
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Why You Should Care About Big Banks Cutting Deals with the Feds to Avoid Prosecution

Wall Street deviants play by their own set of rules.
Allie Conti

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This morning, Ted Cruz failed to disclose a $1 million loan from Goldman Sachs, at least seven people have been killed in a bomb blast in Jakarta, US customs have found half a million dollars' worth of weed disguised as carrots, and more.
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These Porn Stars Fisted for Charity

Mercedes Carrera is a porn star with a heart of gold. She's using her talents to raise money for tech and science scholarships.
Neha Chandrachud

James Schamus Wants to Tell You How the Economy Really Works

James Schamus was the screenwriter of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and producer of movies like 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.' But he's also a man in a fedora who will tell you that money isn't real.
Giancarlo T. Roma
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The True Story of the ‘Greatest Corporate Failure in American History’

The infamous AIG bonus controversy of 2009 was a rare moment when everyone in America was angry about the same thing. Today, thanks to a lawsuit being argued in Washington, we now know how comprehensively we were duped.
Moe Tkacik

It’s Been a Shitty Week for Wall Street

It's easy to be cynical and say that Wall Street calls all the shots in America. But this week brought a precious dose of optimism in the modern Gilded Age.
Matt Taylor