Truvada May Be Getting Unfairly Blamed for the Spread of STDs

PrEP is great at blocking HIV, but as its use grows, so do fears that people will be more sexually reckless and spread other STDs. But researchers are coming to think that the opposite could be true.


Primary Care Doctors Aren't Doing Enough to Fight the Spread of STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are often asymptomatic​, so screening is essential. “If providers don’t ask the questions and don’t apply the screening recommendations, the majority of STDs will be missed.”


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STD rates are skyrocketing in America. Now we know why.


It May Soon Be Impossible to Treat Gonorrhea

Two-thirds of countries have reported gonorrhea cases that resist all known antibiotics.


What It Means for Your Sex Life Now That the Worst-Ever Cases of Super Gonorrhea Are Here [Updated]

Doctors in the United Kingdom and Australia have identified three cases of gonorrhea that are immune to both of the standard antibiotic treatments.


Rare Strain of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Found in North America

A 23-year-old Canadian woman with no symptoms tested positive.


The Weird Way You Can Get an STD in Your Eye

And we don’t mean from a wayward squirt.


Your Doctor Isn’t Looking for Gonorrhea in the Places You Might Have It

Even as this common STI is reaching epidemic and untreatable levels.


STD Rates Hit Record High for Third Year in a Row

Young people 15 to 24 are driving the epidemic.


Everything You Need to Know About Gonorrhea

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An STD Can Ruin Your Shot at Making a Baby One Day

24,000 women become infertile every year as a result of an undiagnosed STD. That's a lot of sad surprises.


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Toilet seats? Insects? Wet towels? We fact-checked a few rumors about the way STDs can spread.