• 2.5.18

      LA's Best Vegan Cheesemaker Used to Hate Vegans

      Yousseff Fakhouri isn't making his dairy-free herbed feta and truffled brie for the vegans, per se. But that doesn't mean the vegans don't love—and in some cases, literally cry over—his stuff.

    • 2.12.16

      A Connecticut Lawmaker Says America's Cheese Is As Good As Europe’s

      Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy pulled together a group of lawmakers to object to labeling laws that would prohibit non-Italian cheesemakers from calling their stuff "Gorgonzola," "Asiago," or even just "feta."

    • 9.22.14

      Oh, Gorgonzola: You Dirty, Musky Thing, You

      You may have seen this beasty blue on pizza or a cheesesteak, but you probably don't know the ancient tale of how it was accidentally invented by a guy trying to get laid. Are you more spicy or sweet?