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Trump's 2020 budget is setting up yet another fight over his border wall

The president wants billions more in border wall funding than the $5.7 billion denied by Congress in December.
Alex Lubben
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House votes to block Trump's national emergency declaration

To Dems and some Republicans, Trump’s action represents an unconstitutional power grab.
Emma Ockerman
border wall

9 of the most bizarre moments from Trump's rambling border wall press conference

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the many outlandish moments.
Rex Santus
government shutdown

Progressive Freshman Lawmakers to Vote No on Spending Bill That Would Fund ICE

Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib will vote against a bipartisan bill because it increases funding to the Department of Homeland Security.
Marie Solis

Life is a living hell for conservatives in Pelosi's Washington

The bipartisan spending deal is forcing conservatives to confront their new role in Washington: "The leverage is gone."
Matt Laslo
government shutdown

Trump will have to accept $1.3 billion for border fencing to avoid another shutdown

"Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain."
David Gilbert
border wall

Democrats are starting to flex a little on “barrier” funding — just don’t call it a wall

“There are certain people who are going to say, ‘We want $5.7 billion for a wall’ — it’s not going to happen. That’s off completely.”
Matt Laslo
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Government Workers Are Still Waiting on Payouts from the 2013 Shutdown

As federal employees sue for damages from the longest government shutdown in history, the victims of the last shutdown are still waiting to get paid.
VICE Staff
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Pollster Frank Luntz said this panel on the shutdown might be the most hostile he's ever held

Luntz convened a group of 13 people of both parties in Los Angeles, to pose the question: Who’s to blame for the longest government shutdown in U.S. history?
Ani Ucar
government shutdown

Congress wants to know if Trump officials broke a Civil War-era law during the shutdown

The Antideficiency Act bans the federal government from spending money not appropriated by the legislative branch.
Joe Tone

What Happens if the Magnetic North Pole Keeps Rushing Toward Siberia?

On Monday, the World Magnetic Model was updated to account for the north pole’s eccentric behavior, after a delay caused by the US federal shutdown.
Becky Ferreira

The wall, enhanced fencing, and "wangdoodle": Your guide to Trump and Pelosi arguing about border security

Would a wall by another name still be what Trump wants?
Rex Santus