Noisey Mix

DJ Lag’s Noisey Mix Shows How Fast Gqom Moves

The inventor, godfather and king of Durban's prolific and quickly-expanding gqom scene has put together a mix that surveys the genre's past, present and future.
Shaad D’Souza

Sho Madjozi is Changing the Trajectory of Rap Right Now

The 25-year-old South African artist is setting the globe alight with her bright, high-energy rap sound.
Daisy Jones
Johannesburg Report

How Johannesburg's Young Black Artists Are Shaping The Future They Want

Twenty-four years after Mandela’s election, South Africa’s first post-apartheid generation is now coming of age.
Lawrence Burney
Johannesburg Report

The World Moonchild Sanelly Is Creating Includes Sexual Liberation for Women

The Johannesburg-based artist uses house and gqom to take ownership of her narrative.
Lawrence Burney

DJ Lag’s New Remix Is a Fiery, Intercontinental Club Music Exchange

Lechuga Zafiro, who made the original “C vs S,” says the remix highlights similarities in the DNA of South Africa’s gqom and Uruguay’s candombe.
Colin Joyce
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DJ Lag Shares a Bumping New Track, "Asphakamanga"

Catch the Gqom producer on New York's The Lot radio later today.
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Teki Latex's Latest 'Bérite Club Music​​' Mix is a Manifesto for a New French Revolution

From Afrotrap to Baltimore house, ballroom to kuduro, gqom to grime—this is what the future of the French underground sounds like.
Josh Baines

Savile Found a Record That "Always Fucks People Up"

The Last Record: Chicago-based producer and DJ Savile selected tunes from Olin, Gigi Masin and more.
Britt Julious

MISSU Could Be the Spiciest Thing Out of Durban Since the Bunny Chow

FYI, the bunny chow is a hollow loaf of bread filled with curry, so from that alone you know this artist is gonna be tasty.
Bob Perfect
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Check Out a Dark and Disorientating New Track by Gqom Legend DJ Lag

Listen to "Umlilo" from the Durban-based producer's new EP for Goon Club Allstars
Josh Baines
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Watch the Gqom Documentary 'Woza Taxi' and Hear TLC Fam's Contribution to its Soundtrack

"No 2 BeeF (slima)" is off the 'Gqom Oh! x Crudo Volta Mixtape.'
Alexander Iadarola
Music Exchange

Meet Muzi, the South African Skater Kid Making Beats That'll Break Your Chest

"The saddest part is that these guys are doing things that are authentically South African, but nobody here recognizes it."
Bob Perfect