Brand Collabs Aren't Always Bad for Graffiti

Windex's curious new #SparkleGraffiti campaign illustrates how writers can get a leg up when brands are footing the bill.
Kelsey Lannin

Renegade Graffiti Artists Utah & Ether Aren't Afraid of Getting Caught

Not even jail time can stop graffiti's Bonnie & Clyde.
Sami Emory

The Impossible Quest to Catalog a Decade of NYC Street Art

"I see next to no good street art anymore," says photographer Katherine Lorimer (a.k.a. Luna Park), the author of '(Un)Sanctioned,' a new book documenting the peak and decline of NYC street art, as well as the illegal graffiti that's as strong as ever.
Ray Mock
Writer's Block

How Tokyo Became Asia’s Graffiti Capital

In most of Asia, the practice of illegal bombing has been around for less than a decade. Tokyo, however, is an exception. I went out with one of the city's longest-active and most prominent vandals to get an inside look at Japanese graff.
Ray Mock
Writer's Block

Taiwan's Graffiti Scene Is Outgrowing Its Foreign Influences

Graffiti in Taipei used to be dominated by expats, but that's changing thanks to a new generation of dedicated and talented writers.
Ray Mock
Writer's Block

Bangkok Graffiti Matures Amid Beef and Growing Pains

What if you could paint graffiti on the side of a busy street in broad daylight without permission, and no one cared? In Bangkok, this is a reality, even if you get caught in the act by police.
Ray Mock
Writer's Block

I Went Bombing with Hong Kong's Biggest Graffiti Writers

Our graffiti columnist linked up with XEME and YUMOH, who, by all accounts, are considered the most active and well-connected writers in the city.
Ray Mock
Writer's Block

Photos of Seoul's Raw, Emerging Graffiti Scene

While graffiti is still a very young concept in Seoul, the country has a fervent core of emerging writers and has also become a destination for members of an international circuit of high-profile vandals. Our graffiti columnist photographed the city's...
Ray Mock

This Journalist's Graffiti Magazine Almost Got Him Sent to Prison

We interviewed Marcus Barnes, who fought a three-year legal battle over his magazine 'Keep the Faith.'
Tom Usher

For Your Pool-Adjacent Pleasure: A Graff Mix for Swimming with Sharks

It's shark week, bitches!
Jemayel Khawaja