Graffiti art


Finally: A Documentary on Female Graffiti Artists

For the past three years, Alexandra Henry has traveled the world filming and interviewing an all-female group of graffiti stars.


Nature Graces Robots and Bombs in the Paintings of KMNDZ

Johnny Rodriguez channels his darker emotional weight into silver-lined imagery.


The History of Digital Typography Gets Its Own Documentary

Explore the technological evolution of printing and typefaces in Gonzalo Hergueta & MRKA's new film, '83M80.'


5Pointz Graffiti Artists Sue Developers in Long Island City

Artists from demolished graffiti mecca 5Pointz file a lawsuit against the building’s owner for whitewashing their historic murals.


Augmented Reality GIF-ITI App Brings INSA's Moving Murals To Your Smartphone

New app GIF-ITI Viewer puts INSA's incredible "offline meets online" creations back on the streets where they belong.


How Graffiti Artists Are Journeying From The Streets To The Computer Screen

A new generation of street artists, like Blu and Insa, are using the internet as an integral part of their work.