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Watch This Man Brazenly Steal a $45,000 Banksy Print

The print was stolen from a Toronto exhibit housing the anonymous artist's “anti-capitalist” work.
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Muslim Women Have Reported Harassment at College Campuses Since Trump Won

Campuses have also reportedly been marred with pro-Trump graffiti and lines like: "Fuck your safe space."
VICE Staff

The Documentary About Persecuted Iranian Street Artists You Never Saw

Talking to the filmmakers behind 'Mutiny of Colors,' a documentary on the censorship and bravery of Iranian street artists.
Sami Emory

Photographing the Faces of Berlin's Graffiti Scene

Norman Behrendt portraits of Berlin's most prominent graffiti writers serve as a comment on the duality of their lives.
Norman Behrendt, Words by Grey Hutton

Iran's Former American Embassy Is Now a Museum of Anti-American Art

The Statue of Liberty as a skeleton, burning stars and stripes, and a Jewish guy with a really big nose are some of the more subtle images spreading over the building's multiple floors.
Klaus Thymann

What Gives?

Photos by Jamie Martínez and styling by Ella Cepeda.
Jaime Martínez

My Week at Art Basel in 100 Photos

I saw a lot of things at Art Basel, including knitted boobs, real boobs, good art, art for people who don't like art, terrible word art, and SpaceGhostPurrp's mom. It was a fun and ragged journey. Check out my photos!
Nick Gazin
The Clowny Clown Clown Issue

The Doodles Of War

The child soldiers of Liberia have taken street art to another level. Tim Hetherington took these terrifying photos during the blood-drenched civil war over there a few years back.
Bruno Bayley
The Russia Issue


This game expertly preys on the fantasies of all devoted gamers. No, we don’t specifically want to be black-ops guys with ninja clothes and guns from the future and shit.
Colonel Ed Sanders