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“I Would Rather Starve to Death”: Chelsea Manning Heads Back to Jail after Refusing to Testify Again

The U.S. whistleblower recently spent 62 days in jail.
Rex Santus
chelsea manning

Chelsea Manning is out of solitary confinement, reps say

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had come to Manning’s defense on Tuesday and said her current imprisonment was “torture.”
Rex Santus
chelsea manning

AOC calls for Chelsea Manning’s release: “Solitary confinement is torture”

Manning's supporters say she's been in solitary confinement for 26 days after refusing to testify before a grand jury.
Rex Santus

Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify about WikiLeaks

Manning told a federal judge that she would accept whatever punishment he handed down.
Rex Santus
Catholic Church

The U.S. Catholic Church is facing an unprecedented wave of sex abuse investigations

On Wednesday, Virginia became at least the 15th state where officials have announced a plan to investigate sex abuse allegations within the Catholic Church.
Carter Sherman
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12 Russian intelligence operatives indicted for hacking the U.S. election

The charges center around allegations that Russian spies hacked the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee.
Greg Walters
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Mueller just slapped a subpoena on the Trump Organization, report says

It's the first time the Russia investigation is looking into the president's business.
Alexa Liautaud

What happened in the Russia investigation while you weren't watching

President Donald Trump faced a whole mess of developments this week in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.
Remember Bitcoin?

People Keep Getting Charged With a Crime for Selling Bitcoin

We called a lawyer to find out when selling bitcoin is "operating an illegal money transmission business" in the eyes of the law.
Jordan Pearson

PREMIERE: Esmé Patterson's "Feel Right"

The Portland-based singer announces her new third album 'We Were Wild' with this first tune—perky pop with claws.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Life Inside

My Regrets As a Juror Who Sent a Man to Death Row

If I could have done anything, it would have been to deadlock the jury—but I didn't have the personal strength to do it.
Sven Berger as told to Maurice Chammah
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It's Been Four Years Since the NYPD Shot an Unarmed Teen in His Own Home — And the Call for Justice Just Got Louder

On the fourth anniversary of the police shooting of Ramarley Graham in the Bronx, protesters and the teen’s family called for federal prosecutors to convene a grand jury in the case.
Jay Cassano