Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto

‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Shows the Importance of Outsider Perspective

The series’ satirical slant on America is most relatable when seen through the eyes of a newcomer.
Ed Smith
VICE vs Video games

I’ll Never Love Another Console Like I Loved the PlayStation 3

The games of the PS3 era were special in many ways, but also showcased a lot of the medium's shortcomings, ones that gaming is only beginning to deal with.
Ed Smith
VICE vs Video games

The Greatest Moments in Grand Theft Auto History

Betrayal, bloody murder, Hollywood-ripping heists, and a motherfucking jetpack.
Sam Diss
VICE vs Video games

Video Games Are Good For You

Video games aren't some obscure niche property anymore. Still, gamers let the non-gamers in a group make them feel like the weirdos and outcasts in a social setting. Enough of that. Video games aren't just common; they're beneficial.
Mike Diver

Viral Style: Space Glasses, Future Wheels, And Niko From Grand Theft Auto IV Gets A High Fashion Makeover

The week in tech and fashion.
Charlotte McManus and William Edwin Wright
A Few Impressions

My Name Is Tom and I’m a Video Game Addict

I was a Nintendo 'Legend of Zelda' fanatic. The later incarnations of 'Zelda'—I think one was called 'Ocarina of Time'—helped me through difficult times in high school, while also making me feel like a loser because I was spending hours playing a...
James Franco
The History Issue

Video Games Killed The Radio Star

This isn’t particularly fair. It’s like they’ve told me to review the universe in a text message.
Gary Cutlack