Graphic Novels


Anthony Bourdain's 'Hungry Ghosts' Will Become an Animated Show

The graphic novel is in development for a "frightening, hilarious, twisted, and culinary-inspired" series.


Rick and Morty Are Going on a 'Dungeons & Dragons' Adventure

The ultimate nerd TV show and the ultimate nerd role-playing game are about to enter the same dimension.


'Valerian' Is the Trippiest Blockbuster of the Summer

We talk to veteran director Luc Besson about his awesome new movie and whether he's ever taken drugs.


You're a Dummy if You Aren't Paying Attention to Cartoonist Simon Hanselmann

The graphic novel 'One More Year​' finds the cocky comics wiz at the top of his game.


Recent College Grads Started Their Own Press to Foster Diversity in Comics

Paloma Hernando and Sunmi are the co-founders of Dandelion Wine Collective, a comic publisher focusing on underrepresented artists.


Coming Out to My Twin Brother Ruined Our Relationship

Read an excerpt from gay manga legend Gengoroh Tagame's gorgeous graphic novel 'My Brother's Husband.'


Tomer Hanuka’s World Of Anime Heroes and Everyday Moments

Illustrator Tomer Hanuka has ascended to great heights since his days as a comics-loving kid in Israel.


Thai Illustrator Tuna Dunn’s Cute Comics Are Surprisingly Dark

Sometimes it's more comfortable to yearn than try for actual romance.


An Artist Is Sharing His Mysterious Graphic Novel One Panel at a Time

In the ‘The Cormorant,' illustrator Kevin Finney creates a complex, paranoid story that spans the globe, and he’s showing the panels on his Instagram page.


Salvador's Sketchy Life Centers New Graphic Novel 'Dalí'

This comic will teach you everything you need to know about Dalí.


Heaven Is a Social Death Network in Lorn's New Music Video

"Anvil" asks the question, What if your afterlife was a nonstop social media feed?


Podcast: Traveling to 'Berlin Station' and 'Americatown' with the Creators

We spoke with Brad Winters and Larry Cohen about their new spy TV show and sci-fi graphic novel.