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Rise Up

As More Pipelines Threaten Jobs and the Environment, Americans Are Pushing Back

Our energy future depends on the fight between local communities across America and large corporations.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Great Lakes Citizens Demand Shutdown of Underwater Pipeline Threatening Their Water Supply

With potential for a devastating oil spill for two lakes and huge swaths of coastline, activists are taking a stand.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

More Independent Candidates are Winning Elections, and That's a Good Thing

2017's Independent candidate victories could spark the shock to America's outdated two-party system.
Joel Searby

Here's the Best Way to Browse Volunteering Opportunities in New York City

A new app hooks up users with volunteering opportunities throughout the city, and streamlines the process into a few swipes and a tap.
Eric Kingrea

Why This Former Republican Wants More Independent Candidates in American Politics

Joel Searby's Centrist Group aims to run more credible independent candidates in what they see as the U.S.'s broken two-party system.
Joel Searby

This Social Movement Fights to Create Political Change in Black Communities

Rather than promote a single party or candidate, the Electoral Justice Project seeks to continue the legacy of past social movements that fought for the rights of African-Americans.
Kayla Reed

DeRay McKesson Tells Young Activists What It Takes to Run for Office

The activist and educator tells us whether young people with zero political experience could change American politics.
Kastalia Medrano
Rise Up

This Activist-Blogger's Grassroots Movement Confronts Male Entitlement

How a Ugandan blog is challenging misogyny by amplifying women's voices.
Alice Rowsome
Rise Up

These Groups Help Young French Immigrants Gain Social Mobility

In France's beleaguered suburbs, grassroots organizations are picking up the slack and working towards a more equitable society
Alexis Chemblette

Norway's Bernie Bros are Trying to Inspire a Political Revolution

Organizers check-in on how the Norwegian Roedt Party is trying to bring together young voters to protect and expand the welfare state.
Winnie Wong and Claire Sandberg
Impact Water

Rural America Hates Pipelines Too

A group of farmers in Amish country Pennsylvania are creating a new kind of grassroots resistance, but don't call them activists.
Jessica Rohan