Grassroots Organizing


These Students are Marching for Gun Control During an NRA Convention

The Rally4Reform in Dallas is a show of solidarity with all those who have been affected by gun violence, and demand change.
Waed Alhayek
Rise Up

This Teen Activist Isn't Done Fighting for Common Sense Gun Control

Lane Murdock and her peer organizers plan to launch new events, new organizing tools, and new opportunities for nationwide collaboration, all focused around increasing the voices of pre-voting age citizens in the fight against gun violence.
Katelyn Harrop

Pride Fund to End Gun Violence Rallies the LGBTQ Community Behind Gun Control Reform

Iraq war veteran and DC political consultant Jason Lindsay's organization is determined to take on the NRA by lobbying to help gay people and their allies elect candidates who will act on new gun policy.
Alice Rowsome
Rise Up

These Veterans Are Standing With the Parkland Students in the Gun Control Debate

The school shooting in Florida has amplified the message of former soldiers who want stronger gun regulation.
Jasper Craven
Rise Up

Gays Against Guns Links the Fight for Gun Control With LGBTQ Activism

After the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in 2016, the LGBTQ community has become a leading voice in the fight for gun control
Alice Rowsome
The Rundown

Keep the Movement Going After the March for Our Lives by Voting This November

The only way to keep up the momentum to push for gun control reform is to get to the ballot boxes for the midterm elections.
Impact Staff
Rise Up

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for the March for Our Lives

With a rallying cry of "Vote Them Out," Americans are headed to DC and sister marches across the country to demand gun control reform now.
Emily Weitz

A Father's Mission to End Gun Violence After Losing His Family to Islamophobia

Mohammad Abu-Salha's daughters and son-in-law were murdered by a gunman in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2015. Since then, changing gun control laws has been a difficult journey.
Mohammad Abu-Salha
Rise Up

If You Want to Change Gun Violence in the US After the March For Our Lives, Join These Advocacy Groups

These groups are making sure not one more life is lost to gun violence.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Rise Up

Congress Should Take Its Cues from Gun Control at the Local Level

Community leaders are driving change through sit-ins, demonstrations, and education that have led to legislative action at the state level.
Emily Weitz
Rise Up

Women Activists in Ethiopia Are Fighting to Eradicate the Dangerous Practice of Female Genital Mutilation

These women are shifting cultural norms through grassroots action, and changing the future for women and girls in their communities for the better.
Impact Staff
Livable Planet

Trump's Anti-Environment Agenda Makes 2018 the Perfect Time to Support These Climate Orgs

Here's how you can be part of the solution to the world's mounting environmental problems.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage