My Quest to Find Air Bud's Grave

You can tell a lot about a society by how it honors its fallen heroes.


The bodies of missing people are rapidly turning up in Mexico

The bodies of missing people are rapidly turning up in Mexico


The Growing Movement to Memorialize Queerness After Death

LGBTQ representation is increasing in both cemeteries and obituaries.


Ancient Graves Suggest Revenge Killings Are Older Than We Thought

Strange grave sites suggest burial was a way to continue cycle of violence.


Visit the Macabre Exhibition Full of Fleshy Sculptures and a Coffin Playroom

“For too long death has been owned by funeral directors, hidden behind dusty net curtains and plastic flowers.”


How Can I Get My Parents to Stop Talking About Death?

While they might have accepted their inevitable demise, getting a 20-something a grave plot is sure-fire recipe for existential disaster.


In Landfill Atop Medellin, Colombia Begins Work on Exhuming Bodies in Mass Grave

As many as 300 bodies could be buried at the sit high above Medellin, a city that is seeking to shed its violent reputation. "The pain is completely the same since that day," a woman whose husband went missing tells us.


Romania's Gravediggers Are the One Link Between the Country's Many Religions

Romania has 18 religions, none of which have very much in common with each whatsoever—bar the fact all believers are buried by the same men.


Russian Grave Robbers

A group of "black diggers" have come together to illegally unearth the remains of World War II soldiers and sell the military artifacts.


The Isolated Island Where New York's Unknown and Unclaimed Are Buried

Hundreds of thousands of bodies lie under the ground in Hart Island, but despite the efforts of activists, it remains difficult for families to find out if their relatives are buried there.


A New Antibiotic Offers Hope in the Global War on Superbugs

Today: Venezuela's economic woes continue, a study finds fracking caused Ohio's earthquakes, and a new antibiotic offers hope in the global war on superbugs. ​


The Graves of the Rich and Famous in Los Angeles Will Make Your Apartment Look Pathetic

If you've got the dough, you can be buried among the Hollywood elite in luxury cemeteries so extravagant that they attract graveyard tourists.