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Cops Found Roughly 100 Damaged Gravestones at Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery

The vandalism comes a week after police made a similar discovery at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri and Jewish community centers around the country reported receiving bomb threats.
Lauren Messman

This Restaurant Wants You to Dine with the Dead

Inside a dimly lit restaurant situated near the Sidi Saiyad mosque in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, it is hard to escape a glaring fact: the tables and booths are arranged around large, casket-like tombs. At New Lucky, the customers are dining with the...
Han Zhang

Inside the Philippines' Cemetery Slum

The Cemeterio Del Norte is inhabited by people who pull bones from tombs to move in. It's an entire slum community, populated by gang members, runaways, sex workers, and laborers who rank among the poorest of the world's poor.
Danial Eriksen

Why People Love Having Sex in Cemeteries

On Tuesday, a substitute teacher in Pennsylvania was caught having sex with a 17-year-old student in a graveyard. We ask other cemetery lovers why they enjoy getting boned among the dead.
Sirin Kale

Swedish Rock'n'Rollers Hypnos Give Graveyard a Run for their Money with "I'm on the Run"

Hypnos bring the bluesiness of Graveyard, the guitar solos of Thin Lizzy, and hooks reminiscent of the catchiest tracks of Judas Priest's catalog.
Cat Jones

How I Became a Volunteer Refugee Gravedigger

Adonis Khan quit his job as a mortgage advisor to help refugees in Lesvos. He ended up burying the bodies of those drowned at sea.
Helen Nianias

A Look Inside 2015's Retro Rock Revival: Graveyard, Bang, and a Whole Lotta Fringe

If all the good records have already been written, do we really still need bands like Graveyard? Short answer: hell yeah we do.
Louise Brown

The Punk Animals Visit a Cemetery in This Week's 'Habits' Comic

Clementine and Kyle head to the cemetery with Doug on the anniversary of his dad's death.
Lauren Monger

Graveyard’s Video for “The Apple and The Tree” Will Make You Want to Dance Around a Fire

The Swedish hard rock kings will release a new album called 'Innocence & Decadence' next month.
Jamie Ludwig

Graveyard Is Dead Serious: Don't Call Them Classic Rock

The Swedish band opens up about their decade-spanning career and rocking on stage without long-time member, Rikard Edlund.
Tom Beedham
Post Mortem

How to Avoid Being an Exploding Corpse After You Die

While death is certain, turning into a river of putrid muck is disgusting and unnecessary. Still, many funeral directors are bringing about this nightmare. Here's how to make sure you rest in peace.
Simon Davis

I Ate Cake in a German Cemetery Café

I recently heard about Berlin's Café Strauss because it allows one to enjoy coffee and cake in an unexpectedly peaceful place: the cemetery. Drinking coffee among dead people is a new experience around here. They even host birthday parties (for the...
Jasmina Knezovic