Our Solar System Might Have a Black Hole From the Dawn of the Universe

This alternate explanation for 'Planet Nine,' proposed by scientists in a new paper, poses some fundamental questions like: Should we visit it?


This New Atomic Clock Is So Precise Our Ability to Measure Gravity Constrains Its Accuracy

NIST's new atomic clocks will help create the world's most precise map of how Earth's gravity warps spacetime.


The Epic Trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s 'Roma' Already Looks Oscar-Worthy

Although the trailer is thin on dialogue, it evokes themes of poverty, class, and race.


Astronomers Find Strong Evidence There is a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy

Astronomers watched as gas approached 30 percent the speed of light during the most detailed observation ever made of material orbiting so close to a black hole.


Gravitational Waves Show No Evidence of Extra Dimensions

Observing the light from neutron stars provided a baseline to measure the effects of extra dimensions on the propagation of gravitational waves through space.


A Very High Percentage of Young People Aren't Sure the World Is Round

Which is pretty sad when contemplating the future of the planet, whatever ​shape you think its is.


Astronauts Try Out ‘Skinsuits’ To Prevent Slipped Discs and Spine Stretching

A taste of Earth’s gravity, now in unitard form.


The Physicist Building the World’s Most Precise Clock

Advanced timekeeping could help unify quantum and gravitational physics, predict earthquakes, and navigate in deep space.


Theoretical Physicist Erik Verlinde Says We Don’t Need Dark Matter to Explain the Universe

Watch Verlinde deliver a talk on his "new view" on gravity tonight.


Void-Like Sculptures Beg Viewers to Consider the Meaning of Empty Spaces

Yasuaki Onishi continues his artistic meditation on volume and gravity.


Freeze-Dried Space Jizz Could Save Us All

A new study found that mouse sperm freeze-dried and sent to space for nine months can still be used to make healthy babies back on Earth.