great apes


Ravens Are So Smart, One Hacked This Researcher's Experiment

Researchers had to remove the bird because they were worried it’d teach the others.


Orangutans Can Predict Their Cocktail Preferences, Just Like Humans

By getting the apes drunk on juice, scientists discovered they’re capable of predictive thought.


$150,000 Raised for Abandoned Research Chimps, But Will Only Last Six Months

The New York Blood Center maintains the chimps are not their responsibility.


These Chimps Helped Us Find a Hepatitis Vaccine. Now They've Been Left to Die

In March, the New York Blood Center pulled the funding for the chimp sanctuary where 66 of its retired research chimps live.


From the Ashes of Jahbreaker, America's Best Jawbreaker Reggae Tribute Band, Rises Great Apes

Brian Moss talks about the transition from joke band to real band.


Your Feet Are Still Optimized for Climbing Trees

We still retain some of the elasticity in our feet that goes along with hopping between branches, says new research from the University of Liverpool.


Bunking With Orangutan Bed Builders

New research suggests that orangutans seem to have an understanding of the wood dimensions necessary for both safety and comfort.