Great Britain


British Man Tries to Take Down Neighboring Restaurant for Making His House Smell Like Garlic

"You may have noticed a message from our neighbor in the window making derogatory claims..."
Hannah Keyser

Wimbledon Housekeepers Say Their Pay Is So Low They Have to Eat Discarded Food

Some members of the catering staff make "well below" what is considered an acceptable living wage in London.
Jelisa Castrodale

A New Graffiti Exhibition Proves Bristol Isn’t Just for Banksy

'Graffiti Nation' shows the diversity of Bristol’s current graffiti and street art scene.
Catherine Chapman
Europe: The Final Countdown

How to Hold Politicians Accountable Without Being a Total Dick

Everyone's angry, and thanks to the internet, it's never been easier to express that anger.
Abi Wilkinson

Andy Murray Defeats Milos Raonic for Second Wimbledon Title

Murray was acting like he had been there before—because, well, he had.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Great Britain

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign after Brexit — but his party might force him out

Months after a stunning victory propelled him to the helm of Britain's Labour Party, Corbyn is facing an open revolt after a no-confidence vote passed 172-40.
Hilary Beaumont
Great Britain

Jeremy Corbyn's aides struggled to put him at the heart of the anti-Brexit campaign

The Labour leader's critics say he didn't really want to campaign for Britain to stay in the European Union. Footage from April shows his inner circle had trouble getting him to stump for Remain.
Ben Bryant and Ben Ferguson

I Had the Most European Day I Could Before the UK Leaves the EU

You can take Britain out of Europe, but you can't take the European out of Britain.
Angus Harrison, Photos: Oscar Webb
Britain Votes to Leave the EU

'Leave' voters are willing to give up access to the EU market to stop immigration

VICE News sent Simon Ostrovsky to Clacton-on-Sea, a bastion for the pro-Leave United Kingdom Independence Party to find out why its residents were so ready to give up on the European project.
Europe: The Final Countdown

Oh, Good, Now There Is Brexit Erotica

The new e-book, 'Pounded by the Pound,' imagines a steamy, post-Brexit hellscape starring a guy and his giant, living British Pound coin companion.
Mark Hay
Britain Votes to Leave the EU

Millennials blame older generations for Brexit, but whose fault is it really?

As Great Britain votes to leave the EU, recriminations are flying as to who's to blame for Brexit.

Petition for Brexit referendum do-over has more than 3 million signatures

The campaign to leave the EU won with 52 percent of the vote, but the majority of voters in London, Scotland, and Northern Ireland voted to remain.
Tess Owen