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Alexis Tsipras Returns to Power in Greece With Strong Election Victory

Greek voters ensured that the charismatic leftist will remain the country’s dominant political figure despite caving to European demands for a bailout he once opposed.
Reuters News Agency

Greek Lawmakers Approve Bailout as Angry Protesters Clash With Riot Police

Greece's Parliament voted to approve tough new austerity measures despite a protest in Athens that involved Molotov cocktails, stun grenades, and tear gas.
Omaira Gill

Possible Greece Bailout Deal Emerges as Pro-European Greeks Rally in Athens

Greece's European creditors are now evaluating a new bailout proposal of $59 billion, which may stop a possible 'Grexit' from the Eurozone. On Thursday, pro-euro protestors gathered in Athens.
Andrew Connelly

Some Nostalgic Greeks Want to Quit the Euro and Bring Back Their Old Currency

After the resounding “No” vote on the bailout referendum, uncertainty, confusion, and the ever-present lines at ATMs have returned in Greece.
Andrew Connelly

Financial Chaos Looms After Greeks Reject Bailout With Resounding 'Oxi' Vote

Greece faces a widely expected exit from the euro zone after overwhelmingly voting against accepting a bailout offer from the country’s creditors.
Liz Fields

Greeks Divided as Polls Close in Hotly Contested Referendum

Millions of Greeks cast ballots in a referendum that may determine the country’s economic survival and its future in Europe.
Andrew Connelly

Greek Riot Police Use Stun Grenades on Protesters Ahead of Pivotal Bailout Vote

Police in Athens clashed with thousands of anti-austerity protesters that gathered to support for the government’s call to vote no in Sunday’s referendum.
Tessa Stuart

The Greek Prime Minister’s Meeting With Putin Sent a Message to the EU

Alexis Tsipras traveled to Moscow to meet with the Russian leader and deliver a message to the European Union, which has refused to renegotiate the bailout loans that continue to weigh on the struggling Greek economy.
Alec Luhn

Athens Wants Germany to Cough Up $300 Billion — as Repayment for the Nazi Occupation of Greece

For the first time Greece has put a figure on the money it wants back from Germany for WWII reparations — $303 billion. Perhaps coincidentally, this is a similar number to Greek state debt.
Katie Engelhart