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What Brexit Means to the U.K. After 3 Years of Utter Chaos

Three years later, Brexit is still dominating British politics. We look back at the 2016 referendum.
Andy Hayward
Alex Campbell

A mysterious Facebook group is using Bernie Sanders' image to urge Democrats to vote for the Green Party

America Progress Now is not registered with the Federal Election Commission and Green Party candidates say they have no affiliation with it.
Jeremy Merrill
William Turton
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At Home with Jill Stein

Eve Peyser talks about spending time with the two-time Green Party presidential candidate who everyone loves to hate on this episode of 'The VICE Magazine Podcast.'
Ellis Jones

Everybody Hates Jill

Jill Stein just wants to save the world. But no one will let her.
Eve Peyser
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Bernie ignited a political movement that's finally taking shape

If the socialist bloc wants to become more than just the party of dissent, they'll need to appeal to some non-white demographics. 
Jay Caspian Kang
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A Federal Judge Rejected Jill Stein's Pennsylvania Recount

A US district judge said that the former Green Party candidate's hacking suspicions were "irrational."
Allison Schaller

Where Can the Green Party Go from Here?

Jill Stein has created a lot of headlines with her recount campaign, but can that enthusiasm be transformed into a viable political movement?
John Surico
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Recount efforts in three key states are getting under the Trump team’s skin

Tess Owen
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Jill Stein Is Raising Money for an Election Recount in Swing States

She's trying to get $2.5 million by Friday in an apparent last-ditch attempt to thwart Trump.
River Donaghey

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Clinton the favorite as voting begins, CIA identifies psychologists behind torture program, Samsung offices raided in South Korean corruption investigation, and more.
VICE Staff
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We talked to Jill Stein about the election, Bernie Sanders, and the future

The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Foreign Greens Think the US Green Party Needs to Ditch Jill Stein

Green Party officials in Europe have achieved a lot more success than their American cousins—and they have some harsh words for the leader of the struggling US Green Party.
Mike Pearl