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16 Recipes for Kale, the Vegetable Everyone Loves to Hate

Even if you’re not gonna put kale chips on top of your kale salad and wash it down with a kale smoothie, you should still get some greens.
Munchies Staff
Chinese food

Why the Chinese Are Better at Eating Their Greens

Chinese children aren’t coddled to eat, and many still have living grandparents who survived bitter times of famine.
Lillian Chou

This 18-Carat Gold 'Kale Cuff' Can Be Yours for the Low Price of $1,400

So, what happens when you combine two of the most obnoxious trends of the last decade—ostentatious luxury jewelry intended to show the world that the wearer is “charitable,” and kale?
Charley Lanyon
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There's Grossness Hiding in Your Bag of Pre-Cut Greens

Researchers discover a slimy way salmonella sneaks up on your salad.
Dan Roe
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This Roasted Pumpkin Salad Is Your Healthy Autumn Lunch

In the weeks when fall starts scooting away from shorts weather and closer to puffy-jacket misery, the temptation is to basically curl up with a giant vat of the most fattening comfort foods possible and turn into a human hot toddy. But don't give up...
Munchies Staff
competitive eating

Kale Is the Next Frontier for Competitive Eating

Some of the best competitive eaters in the world will soon face off in Buffalo, NY and stuff their faces with as much of the leafy green as they can.
Wyatt Marshall
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This Perfect Spring Salad Is an Explosion of Hazelnuts and Fresh Herbs

This bright salad of purslane, fava beans, hazelnuts, and peas is tossed with fresh basil, cilantro, dill, and parsley, for big, herbaceous flavor—oh, and drizzled with cannabis oil, if you'd like.
Munchies Staff

Kale Is Becoming Too Popular for Its Own Good

Kale has become an integral part of the American diet, and with that cultural significance comes a great cost for farmers.
Nick Rose
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Your Salad Should Be Caffeinated

This salad of fresh greens and brown-butter-glazed turnips from Contra chef Jeremiah Stone will also give you a caffeine hit, courtesy of a dusting of matcha powder.
Munchies Staff

Why You Should Still Rinse That Pre-Washed Lettuce

You may feel safe going to town on "triple-washed" greens without a second rinse. But here's why that could land you a nasty case of food poisoning.
Hilary Pollack

Why Eating Spinach Can Make You Crave Pizza Less

A new double-blind study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition has found that thylakoid extract—a compound naturally found in spinach—can help you feel fuller faster, especially if you’re a dude.
Javier Cabral

Why Everyone Needs to Shut Up About Kale Already

Sure, kale's pretty good for you, but this is overkill. And this whole time, we may have just fallen for some clever rebranding of a bland leafy green.
Dara Bramson