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It's About to Get Much Easier to Buy Medicinal Weed in Australia

Australia's federal health minister announced new measures aimed at bringing a surplus of the drug to the country in just eight weeks.
Katherine Gillespie

The Decision to Re-approve Australia's Biggest Coal Mine Just Gets Dumber

After being re-approved last week, Queensland's Carmichael Mine looks as environmentally fraught as before.
VICE Staff

Feline Massacre: Australia Unveils Plan to Kill Two Million Feral Cats

Hordes of feral cats roam around the continent, and scientists say that they are a primary factor behind one of the world's biggest extinction crises.
Death of the Great Barrier Reef

Will Dredge Spoil From the Reef Destroy the Caley Valley Wetlands?

The expansion of Abbot Point will no longer mean dumping dredge spoil on the reef. Instead it's to be dumped in a wetland, which creates a new set of problems.
Paul Gregoire

Environment Be Damned, a Gamble Will Decide Future of Giant Australian Coal Mines

This week the Federal government approved what is expected to be Australia’s largest coal mining effort. Simultaneously, coal prices are dropping and other Australian mines are closing. Oh, also the reef is dying.
Girard Dorney

Will a Slap On the Wrist Save Tasmania's Heritage Forests?

The World Heritage Committee has rejected Australia's bid to delist 74,000 hectares of heritage listed forest, which Tasmania was hoping to log. Not that'll make much difference. There's plenty of other stuff to cut down, mine or dredge.
Julian Morgans