Whole Foods Employees Move to Unionize Nationwide

"The success of Amazon and WFM should not come at the cost of exploiting our dedication and threatening our economic stability."


Chaos Ensues After French Supermarket Reduces Price of Nutella

“It was like an orgy," one supermarket employee said of the chaos.


Cheesecake Factory's Glorious 'Brown Bread' Is Coming to Grocery Stores

Finally we are blessed with some good news.


Man Discovers Beatles-Related Trader Joe's Conspiracy

Once you start looking at the chain's product names, it cannot be unseen.


How Amazon's Tech Could Change Whole Foods

How long before drones are delivering us emergency organic cat food?


These $22 Individually Wrapped Strawberries Are a New Low in Wasteful Packaging

The single berries come nestled inside a Styrofoam sock on top of a pile of faux hay inside of a plastic-covered paper box—a practice that is not only inefficient and wasteful, but gaudy and, frankly, stupid.


Amazon Isn’t Trying to Kill Cashier Jobs, It’s After Something Bigger

Welcome to the world of integrated consumer surveillance.


Groceries Are Cheap as Hell Right Now

Food prices at grocery stores have been down for nine consecutive months now, the longest streak in the last 50 years. Time to stock up!


Is Buy-One-Get-One Free Meat a Total Scam?

According to a lawsuit filed this week, grocery giants Albertsons and Safeway, both owned by parent company Albertsons LLC, have been jacking the prices of buy-one-get-one-free meats in such a way that consumers are indeed paying for their “free” meat.


Vice Fiction - My Appetite

I began stealing when I was twenty-two. The first thing I stole was a chocolate muffin. I started eating it on my way round the supermarket and finished it before I got to the till. From then on, whenever I did my weekly food shop, I'd steal something.