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Someone Found a Secret Pot Grow House at Legoland in the UK

Authorities believe that the industrious farmers were accessing the site through the Crown Estate—neighboring land that belongs to the Queen of England.
Brian Moylan

Damian Marley Told Us About the Massive Weed Operation He’s Starting in a Former Prison

Damian Marley, reggae icon and the youngest son of the world's most famous smoker, is partnering with a cannabis company to turn a 77,000-square-foot former prison into a legal grow op. "The statement speaks for itself," he told us.
Julia Alsop

What We Know About the Suspected Grow House That Exploded in New York City

Cops had already been suspicious of the Bronx building, and firefighters reportedly found pot cultivation supplies prior to the blast.
Allie Conti
VICE Does America

We Step Inside Colorado's Legal Weed Industry on This Episode of 'VICE Does America'

And Abdullah, VICE's resident weed expert, makes sure his co-hosts, Will and Martina, dab for the first time.
VICE Staff

We Visit a Donald Trump-Themed Porn Shoot Tonight on VICELAND

On tonight's episode of 'VICE Does America,' we help out on the set of a porn shoot and visit a giant grow house in Denver.
VICE Staff
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A 'Budtender' Gives Us a Potent Look Inside a Colorado Weed Dispensary

In this week's First-Person Shooter, we gave two disposables to an employee at a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver. On top of shooting the storefronts, she took some #weedporn-worthy snaps of their massive grow house.
Julian Master

Grow-House Raids Are Surprisingly Chill

I rode along with an Australian anti-drug squad as they seized $100,000 worth of weed in Melbourne.
Julian Morgans

Q’s Grow House

To many of us, weed is a packaged product. Even if you don’t live in one of the country’s more enlightened states, where sativas, indicas, oils, and edibles are branded like novelty candies, you still may find yourself browsing a menu as your...
T. Kid