Teen Who Snapchatted 'Time to Blow Up the Plane' Before Flying to Guatemala Just Got Arrested

His chats were complete with bomb emojis and smiley faces.


A Toddler from Guatemala Is the 4th Child to Die in U.S. Custody Since December​

It’s not clear when, exactly, the toddler got sick, and the death is still under investigation.


The 8-year-old boy who died in Border Patrol custody on Christmas Eve had the flu​

It’s still unclear, however, exactly what led to the 8-year-old’s sudden death.


Everything we know about the 7-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody

Twenty-four hours after she and her father turned themselves in at the border, the girl was dead.


Nicaragua's Government Suggests Eating Iguana as Massive Food Crisis Looms

Nicaragua is in dire straights. The country—Central America’s poorest—is facing widespread hunger because of bad harvests and the consequent rising prices for staple food items. One of the government’s suggestions? Iguana.


The US Government Is Treating Latin American Coffee Fungus to Prevent Violence and Drug Trafficking

A deadly fungus called coffee rust has ravaged plantations in Latin America since 2012, leading to a reduction in coffee yields and a huge loss of jobs in the coffee industry. Since coffee pervades countries' politics as well as their economies, the US...