How SoundCloud Rappers and Xanax Influenced Fashion

There is a palpable vulnerability to many of these artists that is reflected in both what they put in and on their body.
Emma Garland
Garage Magazine

Gucci’s Latest Look? Radical Transparency

Why Gucci invited one of the fashion world’s toughest critics, the Instagram account @diet_prada, behind the scenes of their Spring Summer 2018 show.
Rachel Tashjian
Garage Magazine

Gucci x Farfetch: Spend More Time Living Forever

A partnership with Farfetch promises Gucci at your doorstep in 90 minutes or less. Is it a feature-length publicity stunt or the future of e-commerce?
Gemma Sieff

Gucci’s Favorite Painter Is a Self-Taught Instagram Star

“Unskilled Worker” started painting at 48 and became internationally famous by 50.
J.H. Fearless

Greece Rejected Gucci’s Request to Throw a Fashion Show Inside the Parthenon | Last Week in Art

Also in the news last week: a Boston art heist and an Anish Kapoor is set to come to Brooklyn.
Nathaniel Ainley

Party Like an Art Star Under This Mind-Bending Virtual Dome in Miami

Artsy x Soundcloud were behind the multi-sensory bash in Mid-Beach.
Nathaniel Ainley
music video

Santigold Taps Kara Walker for a Silhouette-ified Music Video

Santigold and Kara Walker play with shadow puppets in the recording artist’s latest music video directed by Ari Marcopoulos.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Gucci Mane Is Out of Prison and Falling in Love with 'Game of Thrones'

"Winter is coming #burrrrr."
VICE Staff

The Gender-Bending and Cultural Appropriation of the 2015 European Menswear Collections

It was a fairly staid season with most designers showing a commercial prerogative rather than a conceptual one. Yet, if you read between the lines, there was more than meets the eye to the season's collections.
Jeremy Lewis

Pierre Winther's Amazing Fashion Shoot Inspired by Easter Celebrations in Seville, Spain

Featuring pointed hoods that are used for parading, not evil.
Pierre Winther

XXBC Is Real New York Street Style

At first glance, the fledgling clothing label can appear to be just another streetwear brand "envisioned" by some overnight designer with a "minimal" approach, but by mixing highbrow production values with a lowbrow street sensibility, XXBC is anything...
Angel Jhang
A Few Impressions

New Orleans Dionysus

We shot this short in New Orleans. It was done in collaboration with Gucci, so of course we had to bring in some influence from Fellini. Our Bacchus was also inspired by Mastroianni Marcello from <i>La Dolce Vida</i>, wandering around New Orleans like...
James Franco