Meet the Guerrilla Lifeguard Watching Over Toronto’s Late Night Pool Hops

The Nightlifeguard project is an informal effort to make pool hopping safer and fun.


Nicaragua’s President Ortega picks wife as his running mate

Rosario Murillo’s influence is already seen in the huge metal “trees of life” she had erected around the capital, and her rousing daily messages mixing new age philosophy with the glorification of the 1979 Sandinista Revolution.


Colombia's largest rebel group will stop collecting war taxes

The leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia announced he gave the order because the imminent signing of a final peace deal with the government means there is less pressure to raise funds to feed rebel troops.


Colombians welcome the 'last day' of 50 years of war

President Juan Manuel Santos and Rodrigo Londoño, the highest profile leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, are due to sign a “definitive ceasefire” in Havana on Thursday.


Colombian president promises peace with the country’s largest rebel group within a month

President Juan Manuel Santos said he expects to wrap up talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, by July 20, though he appears less confident of the peace deal's ratification in a subsequent re


Mexican Government Offers Big Reward for Help Finding Activist Missing for 41 Years

Rosendo Radilla went missing after being arrested by soldiers in Mexico's dirty war, but his case still haunts Mexican government under pressure to act over 25,000 disappeared.


Childhood and War Crimes: Colombia Guerrilla Leader Gives Rare TV Interview

FARC leader says the group is completely committed to seeing the peace signed, and imagines returning to his home town once it is.


Colombia Will See Peace in Six Months, President and FARC Leader Announce

Their handshake in Havana, although awkward, provided a stirring image of reconciliation after decades of mutual contempt and distrust between Colombia's government and largest rebel army.


Can a Truth Commission in Colombia Help Heal the Wounds of War's Atrocities?

Proponents hope a truth commission could offer closure to millions of Colombians affected by the conflict. Both sides are responsible for human-rights abuses, while distrust and resentment for past atrocities remain high.


'False Positives': How Colombia’s Army Executed Civilians And Called Them Guerrillas

Facing pressure to boost its battlefield figures under former President Alvaro Uribe, Colombia's army lured and executed at least 3,000 civilians and notched them as combat kills, according to a new Human Rights Watch report.


Colombian Military Chopper Destroyed, Killing 4, in Rising Rebel Attacks on Oil Targets

The Black Hawk helicopter was carrying soldiers to safeguard a pipeline that had been struck by the FARC rebel group when a mine beneath it was reportedly detonated remotely.


Conflict Escalates in Colombia, Worrying a Nation Watching Delicate Peace Talks

The hemisphere's longest war saw escalating skirmishes this weekend. Ten FARC rebels were killed in a fresh airstrike on Saturday, and more than 350 civilians were displaced after last Thursday's airstrike in the Cauca.