Can You Get Measles if You Were Vaccinated?

A guide to the measles outbreak for people who think they were vaccinated—or aren't really sure.
Shayla Love

Trump's 'Record Economy' Is Making Americans Miserable

Except the rich ones, who are stoked.
Alex Norcia
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Is the GOP Healthcare Plan Actually an April Fools' Prank?

It's the only way to explain what Republicans have been doing and saying on healthcare.
Harry Cheadle
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Democrats Love Medicare for All, They Just Don't Know What It Means

The Democratic primary is shaping up to be yet another election decided by the politics of healthcare.
Harry Cheadle
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Trump's Policies Are Threatening the Health of His Own Supporters

Research shows the lives of white working-class folks have gotten harder, sicker, and shorter since he took office.
VICE Staff
Fighting Words

Trump Is a Health Hazard to His Supporters

I’ll never forget how a man pulling an oxygen tank because of severe lung disease told me he would rather die than receive benefits from the Affordable Care Act because it used his tax dollars on “Mexicans and welfare queens."
Jonathan Metzl
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America's Insulin Crisis Shows Why We Need Socialism

When people are begging for money to afford a medicine they need in order to live, that's a failure of capitalism.
Victoria Gagliardo-Silver

Here's What Each Democratic Candidate Means When They Say "Medicare for All"

Support for “Medicare-for-all” is becoming a front-runner topic among Democratic presidential candidates. But the phrase is being used to describe multiple policies.
Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

'The Doctor and Nancy,' Today's Comic by Alex Krokus

For a sack of money a doctor gives his patient some very useful advice.
Alex Krokus
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New York's Outdated Abortion Laws Finally Got an Update

After 46 years, the state is giving women the abortion protections of Roe v. Wade.
VICE Staff
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The Double Standard at the Heart of the Republican War on Facts

Right-wing politicians can get away with ignoring media criticism, but Democrats have to pay attention to the fact-checkers.
Harry Cheadle

People in Puerto Rico Can't Get the Same Hepatitis C Meds as Other American Citizens Do

Unlike states, Puerto Rico’s federal funding for Medicaid is capped, leaving health officials with a difficult choice when considering covering hepatitis C drugs.
Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Kaiser Health News