guinness book of world records


Watch the World’s Largest Useless Machine Light a Christmas Tree

The epic track involved 412 individual mechanical steps and ran for 10 minutes.


Pelileo SC Beat Indi Native 44-1 In Ecuadorian Third Division Match

Put a tackle in, Indi Native! Win those second balls, for fuck’s sake!


We Spoke with the Scientist Studying How to Live As Long As Possible

Robert Young has been fascinated with staving off death since he was a toddler.


Is This The World's Largest Rubik's Cube?

It's five feet wide, it's 220 pounds, and it just might be a new world's record.


Reel Talk: The Second Corbin Smith Review Of Online Basketball Highlights

In which our host uses the power of streaming online video to ponder the awesomeness of Jamal Crawford, a delighted Kelsey Grammer, and film himself dunking.


The World’s Largest Arcade Machine Is Over 14 Feet Tall

It’s free to play, and houses more than 250 classic games.


Light Painting World Record Set by 200 Glowing Orbs

See the Guinness-verified world record for most light orbs in a single long-exposure photograph.


You (Yes, You!) Can Buy The Largest Video Game Collection In The World

Collector Michael Thomasson is auctioning off the largest collection of video games ever assembled.