Guinness World Records


Finally, a Game Boy for Large Adult Sons

According to Guinness World Records this is the largest functioning Game Boy in the world.


I Want to Become the Most Tattooed Woman in the World

"I'm working to fill every corner of my body with ink, but lately I've been thinking that my face looks a bit overcrowded."


Watch the World’s Largest Useless Machine Light a Christmas Tree

The epic track involved 412 individual mechanical steps and ran for 10 minutes.


How to Grow a World Record-Breaking Giant Oyster

Cultivated on Dorset coastline, Pete Miles' gargantuan oyster is half a kilogram heavier than the current title holder for world's largest oyster. “It would give you a hard-on for a week,” he says.


Seven Times DJs Broke Guinness World Records

Steve Aoki once held two world records. He doesn't anymore.


Does Having a World Record Make You an Artist? We Asked Guinness World Records

From the biggest bottle cap sculpture to the most expensive painting ever made by an elephant...


The World's Buffest Drone Lifts, Bro

It's called the Megacoptor for a reason.


Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog Sets World Record

Shredding for kibble.


Meet the Evangelical Evel Knievel

Gene Sullivan runs Jump for Jesus, the world's only full-gospel ministry stunt program, where he leaps through rings of fire on his motorcycle in the name of Jesus Christ.


Watch a Dude Set the Guinness World Record for Furthest Flight on a Hoverboard

Catalin Alexandu Duru just set the shit out of the Guinness World Record for hoverboarding.


Light Painting World Record Set by 200 Glowing Orbs

See the Guinness-verified world record for most light orbs in a single long-exposure photograph.


You (Yes, You!) Can Buy The Largest Video Game Collection In The World

Collector Michael Thomasson is auctioning off the largest collection of video games ever assembled.