Why You’ll Find London’s Best Persian Indian Food in a Cake Shop Basement

Chef Farokh Talati’s day job is at legendary nose-to-tail restaurant St. John, but every month or so he takes over a Soho patisserie to cook the food of his Parsi heritage.


This Restaurant Wants You to Dine with the Dead

Inside a dimly lit restaurant situated near the Sidi Saiyad mosque in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, it is hard to escape a glaring fact: the tables and booths are arranged around large, casket-like tombs. At New Lucky, the customers are dining with the...


The Islamic State Is Now Trying to Convince India's Muslims to Come Join the Caliphate

The Islamic State has released a video that references riots in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state that killed hundreds of Muslims in 2002.


Indian PM Gets Rock Star Reception in UK, But Back Home He's Accused of Brutality

Narendra Modi will lunch with the Queen and headline Wembley Stadium in the first visit to the UK by an Indian leader in a decade. But his trip has been overshadowed by protest.


Clashes Erupt as Indians Rally to Protest Affirmative Action Caste Quotas

The protests, led by the influential Patel community, were opposed to a policy that sets quotas for lower castes in government employment and schools.


A Rape Survivor in India Must Balance a Heavy Rock on Her Head to Prove Her Purity

After being denied an abortion following her rape, the woman has to maintain an 88-pound rock atop her head before she can live with her husband again.


How India's New Prime Minister Won Over the Tea Party

Narendra Modi may be the first world leader to record a welcome message for an American political action committee.


Narendra Modi’s Shame: Muslim Survivors of the Gujarat Riots Are Still Suffering

Some 16,000 displaced Muslims reside in relief colonies across Gujarat, many of which lack clinics, schools, and adequate drinking water.


Can Cloning Lions Really Help Save Them?

India now has a cloning facility for the Asiatic lion, but cloning is still a problematic idea in conservation.


Jesus Was A Terrorist

Barun Roy is the editor of The Himalayan Beacon, a monthly magazine based in Darjeeling that has a reputation for unswerving journalism and being more clued-up than anyone else.