Gulf Cartel


My seven years as a sex slave in Mexican drug cartels

Central American women are regularly kidnapped by Mexican gangs to work in brothels and serve drug lords. Most never make it out. One did, and this is her story.


Man Murdered in Texas Led Mexican Cartel While Informing for US, Attorney Claims

The murder victim, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa, previously served as the personal attorney for Osiel Cardenas Guillen, the leader of the notorious Gulf Cartel.


Mexico Sends US-Born Drug Lord ‘La Barbie’ Back Home to Face Charges

Edgar Valdez Villareal became a somewhat larger-than-life figure after his arrest in 2010 when he smirked before news cameras and boasted that a movie would be made about his life in the drug world.


How Veracruz Became the Most Dangerous State in Mexico for Journalists

With hundreds of unsolved disappearances, rampant extortion, frequent kidnappings, and no fewer than 14 journalists killed in the past five years, a climate of fear governs Veracruz.


Big Brother Narco: Cartels Are Building Their Own CCTV Networks

It's an unprecedented feat of counter-surveillance in the ongoing technological arms race between Mexican and American authorities and cartels.


Videos Show Chaos in Mexican Border Town After Capture of Drug Cartel Leader

Gunmen hijacked and torched cars to blockade streets in Reynosa after the suspected leader of a Gulf cartel faction was captured Friday.


Citizens Fear the Mexican State of Tamaulipas Is Plunging Back Into Chaos

Dozens have been killed in Mexico’s northeastern border state in recent weeks, a brutal wave of violence that resembles what occurred in 2010 during the peak of the drug war.


Cartel Kidnapping Spreads Terror on Twitter

A Mexican doctor was abducted and apparently murdered because she tweeted anonymously about drug war violence. A VICE News investigation now sheds light on what may have led the killers to discover her true identity.


Venga a comer el coctel de camarones más grande del mundo a la tierra de las masacres más terribles de México

For one day, a Mexican town devastated by years of drug cartel violence attempted to replace the smell of death with the smell of fish.