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Toxic Red Tide Spreads From Florida's Gulf Coast Into Atlantic Waters

Beaches were temporarily closed in Miami and Palm Beach this week as Florida's algae bloom spread.
Becky Ferreira
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The Hurricane Footage These 'Storm Chasers' Took Will Make Your Palms Sweat

The duo claims they're doing a "public service" by filming themselves wading around in flooded casinos and parking garages during the worst of Hurricane Nate.
Drew Schwartz
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Watch a Monster Truck Save an Army Vehicle from Houston Floodwaters

Drivers from the Dallas racetrack "Rednecks with Paychecks" brought five jacked-up trucks into Houston to do rescue work.
Drew Schwartz
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This Mattress Store Owner Has Taken in Hundreds of Harvey Victims

More than 400 displaced residents have taken refuge in Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale's furniture superstores.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hurricane Harvey toll climbs to at least nine, North Korea fires missile over Japan, two killed in mass shooting at New Mexico library, and more.
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35,000 People Gathered to Throw Dead Fish on a Beach This Weekend

For over 31 years, people have been flocking to the Flora-Bama Lounge and Oyster Bar for the honor of throwing a one-pound mullet as far as they can.
Alex Swerdloff

Oysters in the Gulf of Mexico Are Still Screwed

We may have lost up to 508 million pounds of oyster meat thanks to the BP oil spill of 2010.
Alex Swerdloff

How the Biggest, Most Expensive Oil Spill in History Changed Nothing at All

Why the Deepwater Horizon spill failed to inspire reform.
Brian Merchant

Biloxi's Crude Deal: Oil Spill Reparations Are Funding a Baseball Stadium in Mississippi

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill destroyed the environment and wrecked business along the Gulf Coast. Mississippi's answer? A publicly funded minor league ballpark.
Nick Weldon
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Gulf of Mexico Seafood Might Finally Be Safe

A new study from the University of Florida promises a brighter future for the Gulf of Mexico, which was stricken by the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010. Researchers sampled more than 1,000 fish, shrimp, oysters and blue crabs in the region and...
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Cajuns Boil the Head and Save the Blood

Lately, there’s been the “whole-hog” cooking trend. You know, using the tail to the snout. But the Cajun community has been cooking with the whole hog for 200 years. The pure Cajun spirit comes from living off the land in a proper format and being...
Isaac Toups
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Ben Kilpatrick's Tri-Coastal Photography

For this week's Mahal, I got to talk with Ben Kilpatrick about what it is like to travel the country, photographing on and off his skateboard. Check out some of his most recent work and read our conversation about how NYC and LA inspire different kinds...
Taji Ameen