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The UN's Drug Meeting in Vienna: Russian Trolling, Jackie Chan, and Lots of Propaganda

The countries with the world's deadliest drug laws have been on full display — literally — this week during the UN's annual narcotics meeting.


The Bahrain-Israeli Arms Deal That Isn't Happening — Officially

An on-again, off-again drama surrounding reports of an arms deal between Bahrain and Israel hints at the friendships and feuds that crisscross the Middle East.


The Sighting of Would-Be Arab League Avengers Fighting in Yemen Is Just a Mirage

Despite calls for an Arab League military alliance, experts suggest that the Sunni coalition fighting in Yemen looks to be a one-off rather than a sign of bigger things to come.


To Save Their Relationship, Obama Invites Arab Allies to His Millennium Falcon

The president has invited members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to Camp David this week, hoping to repair the damage done by the Iran nuclear deal.


The UAE Campaign Against Islamist Extremism Is a Royal Pain For Qatar

Following a year of violence in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates feels vindicated in its staunch opposition of all Islamist extremism — and Qatar won’t hear the end of it.