Gulf of Mexico


Watch This 'Headless Chicken Monster' Crawl the Deep Southern Ocean

This unusually mobile species of sea cucumber has only been captured on film once before, in the Gulf of Mexico.
Becky Ferreira
land loss

Louisiana’s Plan to Punch a Hole in the Mississippi River

To save coastline, the state is attempting the “most important environmental construction project in US history.”
Rosemary Westwood
dead zone

Sea Life Is Suffocating in a 'Dead Zone' the Size of New Jersey

Sea life could be unable to survive in thousands of miles of ocean.
Caroline Haskins

A Mexican lawmaker tweeted about Trump from the top of the border wall

Kevin Urgiles
bp oil spill

Mutated Fish Still Haunt Louisiana’s Fishermen After the BP Oil Spill

The devastating spill completely revolutionized oil spill research.
Rosemary Westwood
Donald Trump

Why Voters Should Be Concerned About Clinton’s Environmental Promises

A fact check of Clinton’s speeches exposes contradictions between what she says and how she votes.
Sarah Emerson

A Desperate Attempt to Save the World's Smallest Porpoise Could End Up Killing It Off

An international committee of scientists says the only way to save the vaquita porpoise from extinction could be breeding it in pens, but others say this could accelerate the demise of the marine mammal that only lives in the Gulf of California.
Gabriela Gorbea

In Photos: Shell's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

An undersea pipeline 90 miles off the Louisiana coast leaked roughly 90,000 gallons of oil last week — and, over the weekend, dozens of activists around the country were arrested during anti-fossil fuel protests.
VICE News and Reuters

Shell Oil Spill Prompts Renewed Calls for a Moratorium on Oil and Gas Development in the Gulf of Mexico

An offshore rig operated by Royal Dutch Shell leaked over 88,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico — a region which produces 17 percent of the nation's crude and supports a quarter of a million jobs.
Matt Smith

Federal Judge Approves $20B Gulf Spill Settlement — And BP Can Write Off a Lot of It

Ninety-nine percent of public comment submitted to the US Department of Justice about the proposed settlement complained that BP would simply treat the penalty as a cost of doing business.
Matt Smith

Alabama Taps BP Spill Funds for Another Upscale Beach Project

The state's auditor says the administration of embattled Gov. Robert Bentley is being "funny" about funds awarded to Alabama after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster.
Matt Smith

Protesters Take Over Federal Auction of Oil and Gas Leases in the Gulf of Mexico

The Obama administration is opening up new areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska to oil and natural gas extraction.
Matt Smith