Gulf States


Saudi Arabia Just Executed A Maid For Murdering Her Employer 'In Self-Defense'

Human rights groups say that Indonesian domestic worker Tuti Tursilawati was trying to protect herself from sexual assault.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Putin denies election meddling, cops identify London attackers, Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial underway, and more.


Bahrain Detains Activist and Her Baby Son in Ongoing 'Cat-and-Mouse' Crackdown

VICE News spoke to the sister of Bahraini human rights activist Zainab Al-Khawaja shortly after her arrest. Khawaja was taken from her home with her infant son.


Inside the Underground Efforts to Liberate Saudi Arabia's Domestic Workers

VICE News spoke to some of the individuals and organizations working to help abused domestic workers escape Saudi Arabia. Somalia has just announced an agreement to send 50,000 women there each year.


Kuwait Has Now Withdrawn Its Ambassador from Iran

As another Gulf ally backs Saudi Arabia in its row with Iran, Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen against Tehran-backed rebels have intensified.


Sunni Nations Rally Behind Saudi Arabia as Row With Iran Intensifies

At least two Sunni mosques in Iraq were attacked late on Sunday in apparent retaliation for the execution of a leading Shia cleric in Saudi Arabia, while Bahrain has severed ties with Iran.


Inside the $100 Million Scheme to Send the Middle East's Most Unwanted People to Africa

How sham real-estate deals, Islamic State recruitment efforts, and a systematic effort in the Gulf states to strip dissidents of their citizenship and banish undesirables all meet in the tiny African island nation of the Comoros.


Imprisoned Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi Wins EU's Most Prestigious Human Rights Prize

Badawi was chosen from among nominees including murdered Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, political prisoners in Venezuela, and Edna Adan Ismail, a Somali activist who campaigns against FGM.


Rape Victims Are Being Jailed Under Extramarital Sex Laws in the UAE

Under the penal code of the United Arab Emirates, those convicted of "zina" or charges of illicit sex face severe penalties. According to a new report, this overwhelmingly affects thousands of female migrant workers.


Kuwait Is Buying a Bunch of Weapons to Protect Itself From the Islamic State

With the Islamic State creating chaos next door in Iraq, Kuwait just signed a defense deal with France worth $2.8 billion.


Islamic State Claims Deadly Bombing of Kuwaiti Mosque

At least 25 people have been killed, and the death toll is expected to rise, after an explosion rocked the Shia Al-Sadiq Mosque, Kuwait City, following Friday prayers.


'It Couldn't Be Clearer That They Don't Care': Bahrain's Opposition Leader Gets Four Year Jail Term

A Shia Muslim cleric and head of the al Wefaq Islamic Society, Sheikh Ali Salman was convicted of inciting disobedience and hatred, but acquitted on the charge of seeking to overthrow the monarchy.