gulf war


The Artist Painting Memories of Iraq

The singular work of Hayv Kahraman is influenced by "decorative arts" as much as recent political history—and the combination is as beautiful as it is uncomfortable.


The US Launched Operation Desert Storm 25 Years Ago and Now Iraq Is Totally Screwed

It's the 25th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm, the US-led campaign against Saddam Hussein that paved the way for the current era of chaos in Iraq.


Russian Heavy Bombers Are Hammering Syria — and It's Practice for Bigger Fights

Russia is using its heavy bombers for the first time in its campaign in Syria, so it can learn how to use them to battle NATO.


George W. Bush Sticks Up for Cheney and Rumsfeld After Dad Rips Them as 'Iron-Ass' and 'Arrogant'

In a new biography, former President George H.W. Bush chastises former Vice President Dick Cheney's for his combative language after the 2001 terror attacks and calls former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "an arrogant fellow."


The Excitement Over Israel's Sea-Bound Missile Defense System Is All Wet

The short-range air defense system Iron Dome will be adapted for use by ships — but that will simply make it one of several systems that do what it does.


8-Bit Desert Storms to 3D Calls of Duty: How the US Gamifies War in Iraq

Storm Over the Desert might've sucked, but you could still fight Giant Saddams with a tank.


Trickle-Down Nuclear Armageddon

Why the threat of a traffic accident in Pakistan terrifies US intelligence officials — and has led to a more robust Indian nuclear program.