gummy bears


Investigation Alleges Haribo Gummies Are Made Using Slave Labor

The findings have since prompted an audit within Haribo.


Gomichela Recipe

Refreshing, flavorful, and served with gummy bears.


Colorado Bans Weed Gummy Bears

This is why we can't have nice things.


Gummy Bear Kingpins Haribo Plot World Domination with US Factory

“We are embarking on building one of the largest facilities in the confectionery industry.”


German Nationalist Party Is Using Gummy Bears to Fund Islamophobia

Nothing makes the gummies go down quite like a wee bit of xenophobia and a heavy pinch of demagoguery.


A Colorado Politician Wants to Outlaw Cannabis Gummy Bears

Due to a recent surge of children accidentally consuming marijuana edibles and winding up in the hospital, Colorado State Representative Dan Pabon wants to do away with weed-infused gummies.


The Artist is Hospitalized in This Week's Comic from Anna Haifisch

And all his symptoms come to a head.


This Bean Curd Paste Is the Black Gold of Burma

Pon yay gyi, or black bean curd paste, is common ingredient in Burmese meals, cooked with pork and served over rice, or as part of a salad on the side. It also happens to be delicious.


Sugarless Gummy Bears Are Not Safe for Humans

There has been lots of talk on the internet lately about Haribo sugarfree gummy bears and how they make you make shit like a madman. One staffer was skeptical, so we made him eat a bunch and report back to us. Here's what happened.


Adults with Candy

Eating candy as an adult is a cognizant choice towards a non-optimal food source. If you can’t show restraint, you deserve your self-induced diabetes and cavity mouth. But eating candy is the most adult thing a person can do.