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Six Police Officers Were Shot by a Gunman in Philadelphia

Police are attempting to negotiate with the shooter or shooters but the situation is being described as "very active."
Tess Owen
Red Flags

Colorado lawmakers just passed a "red flag" law to take guns away from dangerous people

The legislation now heads to Democratic Gov. Jared Polis’ desk for his signature.
Tess Owen
gun violence

12-year-old charged with capital murder after shooting and killing pro boxer in Texas

He's facing up to 40 years in prison.
Tess Owen
Mass Shooting

All 5 of the Sebring shooter's victims were women, police chief says

When SWAT got there, Xaver refused to allow them access to the victims.
Tess Owen
martin luther king jr. day

Miami police arrest white man who pulled gun and yelled “dumbass n------” at black teens

Police arrested him later that day on a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.
Tess Owen
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A Border Patrol Agent Started a 47,000-Acre Wildfire with a Gender Reveal Party

The blaze wound up causing $8 million in damage.
Drew Schwartz
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When can cops legally shoot someone running away from them?

It’s happened to Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California; Maurice Granton in Chicago, Illinois; and Walter Scott in Charleston, South Carolina.
Tess Owen

Man with “ICE ICE baby” sign arrested after pulling gun at Families Belong Together rally

He also yelled "womp womp" — in true Corey Lewandowski fashion.
Alex Lubben
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Bar-Goer Shot by Breakdancing FBI Agent Is Getting 'Complimentary Drinks Forever'

Nothing can really make up for, you know, getting shot in the leg. But free booze for life comes pretty close.
Drew Schwartz
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This Man Was Prepared to Take a Bullet for His $1,700 Louis Vuitton Bag

"You can pry it out of my cold, dead hands."
Drew Schwartz
Police Shooting

NYPD shot and killed bipolar black man after mistaking metal pipe for gun

The shooting comes after the fewest NYPD shootings ever last year.
Tess Owen
Police Shooting

Police can’t keep their story straight about the unarmed black man they shot and killed in Sacramento

Police thought he had a gun. Then they said he had a toolbar. But he was only carrying a cell phone.
Alex Lubben