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Guns and Games

A Closer Look at Our Dark Obsession With Guns Looking "Cool"

When games and guns became platforms, their marketing and culture started to converge.
Kelsey Atherton
Ian Boudreau

Fingerprint Portraits of Serial Killers Are a Pointillist's Nightmare

Maciej Toporowicz channels a fascination with popular culture, violence, and death into haunting works of art.
Kara Weisenstein
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of My Own Gun?

Instead of being raised around guns, I was raised around statistics about how bad guns are, and it makes the idea of owning one kinda nerve-wracking.
Mike Pearl

What I Learned While Trying to Become a Canadian Gun Lover

From shooting a sniper rifle and attending a NRA convention, I learned a lot.
Manisha Krishnan

What I Learned About My Father from Inheriting His Guns

After my dad died, I wanted nothing to do with his guns. Years later, they revealed a connection we never had in life.
Monica Potts
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Trump-Loving ‘Alt-Right’ Turns to Guns to Piss People Off

Emerging from the shadows of the internet amid the roiling Republican presidential race, the conservative provocateur movement is embracing firearms for their power to upset.
Alex Yablon
Internet Exploring

Dizzee Rascal: "There's a Real Gun Culture in the UK"

The grime OG delivered some home truths in a new interview, about growing up on a council estate and UK crime culture.
Angus Harrison

Why Roseburg’s Local Newspaper Is Full of Pro-Gun Coverage Its Editor May Not Really Believe

Jeff Ackerman's Roseburg News-Review is a case study in why the silent majority of firearm owners is often missing from the gun debate.
Adam Weinstein

A History of Guns on Instagram

The social network had a thriving gun culture even before the alleged NYPD shooter used it to post threats.
Carl Franzen

How Mercenaries and Gun Culture Shaped One of the Best Strategy Games Ever Made

Released in 1999, "Jagged Alliance 2" was inspired by a wider range of topics than you might expect.
Darius Kazemi
Motherboard Blog

Libertarians Are Building a Castle Around Their City of Guns In Rural Idaho

The III Citadel gun compound is now taking applications for prison.
Michael Byrne