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Photos Show Links Between NRA Leaders and Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina

The arrest of Butina is the most dramatic development yet in the government’s investigation of the NRA's relationship with Russia.


The Big Gun Laws Republicans Across America Plan to Gut This Year

Ending training and licensing requirements for concealed carry and allowing guns on college campuses are set to be key battles.


The Gun Lobby Is Suffocating Firearm Research

A new study sheds light on why gun deaths continue to climb.


The NRA Was Waging War on Facts Way Before the ‘Fake News’ Boom

Bashing the press and the facts it reports is a big part of how the NRA became the most powerful lobby in America.


How the NRA Fed the Rage That Gave America Trump

The Manhattan businessman perfected the Anti-Establishment message the gun group had been honing for years.


Guns and the Big Business of Carnage

Who benefits from the endless cycles of sadness, anger, and partisanship that follow mass shootings in America? Just follow the money.


Meet the Last NRA Democrat

The gun lobby's support for congressional Democrats has plunged. So far in 2016, the NRA has given just $1,000 to a single candidate.


America Is About to See How Guns Used in Mass Shootings Are Marketed

A lawyer for the survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre explains why the recent ruling forcing the maker of Adam Lanza's gun to open its book is such a huge victory.


Why the NRA Would Not or Could Not Stop Donald Trump

For all its perceived influence, the gun rights group declined to join the conservative effort to derail the GOP's unwelcome frontrunner.


Can Activists Beat the Gun Lobby at Its Own Game?

Moms Demand Action was launched the day after 20 first-graders and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School and is now a central grassroots force in lobbying for universal background checks on all gun sales.


Guns in the Sun

There are 270 million legal guns in the US. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of firearms laws, you might say that the situation presents a wicked problem—something that can’t be objectively solved or even described.