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NRA Membership Dues Tanked Last Year

The gun rights super-group took out a big loan from its own foundation in what experts said might be a sign of serious cashflow problems.
John Cook
4 days ago
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What Is the Relationship Between Gun Ownership and Mental Health?

Our new series 'Maybe I'm Wrong' wants to spur meaningful conversation around the gun debate.
Krishna Andavolu

Court Documents Show the NRA's Unhinged Rhetoric Being Used Against It

The gun-rights giant says it's bleeding money, and a legal battle with its old insurance broker suggests politics are a big part of the problem.
Alex Yablon
Mike Spies

Armed Militias Have a Choice to Make After Charlottesville

One prominent group has issued a "stand down order," saying it feared being associated with racist protesters.
Ben Hallman
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The Good Guy with a Gun Theory, Debunked

Analyzing 37 years of data, a Stanford team finds no basis for a theory at the heart of the modern gun-rights movement.
Alex Yablon

Why Gun People Are High on Neil Gorsuch

An influential Second Amendment lawyer expects Trump's Supreme Court pick to expand Constitutional protections to guns in public spaces.
Mike Spies

Meet the Gun Rights Absolutists Bringing 'Constitutional Carry' to a State Near You

The crusade for concealed guns in public with no permits began at a diner in Arizona. Now it's going national—with or without the NRA.
Adam Weinstein

Why It's So Easy for the Mentally Ill to Get and Keep Guns in America

The alleged Fort Lauderdale airport shooter was one of several recent high-profile gunmen who suffered from psychiatric issues but did not meet the high bar for a firearms ban.
Maura Ewing

How Trump Could Make It Way Easier to Carry a Gun Across America

States that impose tough rules for concealed carry could be undermined by the loose standards in places like Utah under President Trump.
Alex Yablon

A Trump Gun Guy's To-Do List for the New White House

"I am looking forward to helping protect and defend the Second Amendment over the course of a generation or two," he said, noting he was cleaning his gun as he spoke.
Dan Friedman

How the Government Makes Gun Records Impossible to Trace

The agency gets more than 1,000 requests for gun traces each day. But even small-town libraries have better record-keeping systems.
Dan Friedman

Here's How the Gun Industry Plans to Prevent 10,000 Suicides

They're still selling guns—but it could still be a big development.
Maura Ewing