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Now That NRATV Is Dead, Watch Seven of Its Most Unhinged Segments

From Dana Loesch putting a KKK hood on Thomas the Tank Engine to some guy calling weed "a prostitute of sorts."
Drew Schwartz
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This Washington sheriff is refusing to enforce his state's new gun control law

A new movement is calling for sanctuaries for gun rights
Joshua Hersh
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Pink's Husband Suggests He'd Shoot Wildfire Looters in California

Former pro motocross racer Carey Hart warned: "looters will be shot on site [sic]."
Kara Weisenstein
VICE News Tonight on HBO

The "concealed carry" fashion show is for people who want to hide their guns

It's practical gear for an expanding market, but there's another goal.
Katherine Tutrone
Oliver Noble

Democrats in red states aren't ignoring gun control anymore. They're embracing it.

For Democrats, particularly those running in red states, gun control used to be a no-win political issue. Not anymore.
Tess Owen
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Meet the 19-year-old gun rights advocate suing Dick's for age discrimination

It might sound frivolous, but legal experts say he has a pretty good chance of winning.
Josh Hersh

NRA Membership Dues Tanked Last Year

The gun rights super-group took out a big loan from its own foundation in what experts said might be a sign of serious cashflow problems.
John Cook
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What Is the Relationship Between Gun Ownership and Mental Health?

Our new series 'Maybe I'm Wrong' wants to spur meaningful conversation around the gun debate.
Krishna Andavolu
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3D printed guns are easy to make and impossible to stop

Gun enthusiasts aren't particularly impressed with the quality of the 3D-printed guns.
Joshua Hersh

Court Documents Show the NRA's Unhinged Rhetoric Being Used Against It

The gun-rights giant says it's bleeding money, and a legal battle with its old insurance broker suggests politics are a big part of the problem.
Alex Yablon
Mike Spies

NRA wants Congress to set "limitations" on how the news can cover school shootings

“It’s time to put an end to this glorification of carnage in pursuit of ratings, because it’s killing our kids”
Tess Owen

The NRA doesn’t care if you’re mad about guns

The NRA's CEO thinks the solution to school shootings is more, not less, guns.
Alex Thompson