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The evolution (or not) of school shootings in America

School shooting survivors discuss progress — or lack thereof — with gun violence
Alex Lubben
Rita Chan
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A High School Teacher's Gun Went Off During a Gun Safety Lesson

And it wasn't even the only accidental shooting that happened at a school that day.
Drew Schwartz
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#NeverAgain: How teen shooting survivors launched an anti-gun movement

Student activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have quickly amplified the gun control debate.
Milena Mikael-Debass
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Guns Kill Black Kids Ten Times More Often Than Whites, Study Finds

A new report found about 19 children are killed or injured by gunshot wounds every day.
VICE Staff

NRA employee accidentally shoots himself at NRA headquarters

Gabrielle Bluestone
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YouTube's Gun Reviewers Are 'Guns & Ammo' Magazine for the Internet Age

Like, subscribe, fire, and reload.
Oliver Lee Bateman
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Congress just voted to let mentally ill people own guns

Carter Sherman
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of My Own Gun?

Instead of being raised around guns, I was raised around statistics about how bad guns are, and it makes the idea of owning one kinda nerve-wracking.
Mike Pearl
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Gun control advocates are hoping ballot initiatives get more done than Congress

"Who better than loved ones knows if there's somebody within your family that needs to be protected from a gun?"
Michael Moynihan
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The Fight For Trauma Care on Chicago's South Side

Chicago currently has four trauma centers for victims of gun violence. Not one of them is on the city's often-violent South Side. VICE News investigates what's being done to fix this.

A Chicago Woman Wants You to See The Faces of Her 23 Loved Ones Killed by Gun Violence

Camiella Williams bought her first gun in sixth grade. She mourned her first dead friend in high school. Now, she is fighting to save other Chicago kids, however long the odds.
Maya Dukmasova

Virginia Gunman Was Ordered by TV Station Bosses to Seek Medical Help

Internal memos obtained by the Guardian reveal Vester Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams, had repeated confrontations at WDBJ17 in which his behavior made colleagues feel "extremely uncomfortable."