Julian Assange’s Charges Are Centered on Hacking, Not Publishing Classified Information

For years, it has been publicly reported that Julian Assange offered to help Chelsea Manning break into a classified computer system. Now the Department of Justice has charged Assange for that.


OG Internet Trolls Are Upset Their Hobby's Been Ruined

“Threatening to rape someone on Twitter isn’t trolling,” one self-described troll explains. “That’s just threatening to rape someone. On Twitter.”


Aaron Swartz and 21st-Century Martyrdom

Brian Knappenberger's documentary The Internet's Own Boy speaks to Aaron Swartz's martyrdom and a deep strain of malevolence in American culture.


A New Bill Would Expand the Law That's Landing Hactivists in Jail

On the heels of the massive Target breach comes a proposal to strengthen the already rather Draconian "anti-hacking" law.