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Security Forces in Ethiopia Have Killed More than 200 People, Rights Group Says

Tear gas and bullets from security forces have become a regular part of the state’s crackdown in the Oromia state amid the ongoing students protest movement against a government development plan.


Death Toll Rises to 140 in Ethiopia Protests Against Urban Expansion

Student-led protests erupted in November defending the rights of the country's largest ethnic group. As the unrest continues, human rights activists say security forces are carrying out a violent crackdown.


Ethiopians Aren't Optimistic That Obama Can Help End Country's Human Rights Abuses

Ethiopia has maintained Washington funding despite reports by the US State Department that paint the country as one of the worst human rights offenders in sub-Saharan Africa.


Sanctions Might Finally Help End the Brutal South Sudan Crisis

Leaders on both sides of the conflict have agreed to lay down arms and form a transitional government within 60 days.