hair of the dog


A Band of Friendly Thieves Stole People's Shit Just by Asking, Cops Say

Most of the victims were leaving New York City bars when they were robbed and willingly handed over their wallets or phones.


Classic Calgary Caesar Recipe

Canada's own hangover cocktail, the Caesar, is packed with flavor and is the perfect hair of the dog to get you back on your feet.


The Rise of South Korea's Craft Brewing Scene

South Korea used to be swimming in appallingly bad beer, so it's astounding that the country would become the center of Asia’s craft beer scene, or that the movement would be led by a handful of expats.


A Guide to Every Hangover Cure I've Ever Tried

Some of these might come in handy.


Everything We Learned About Hangover Cures This Year

The only real hangover prevention tool is to avoid booze, but that hasn’t stopped human ingenuity from fighting against a condition as old as alcohol itself.


Don't Call It a Bloody Mary

Well, yes—it does have tomato juice (Clamato, actually), vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and a boatload of garnishes, but we're talking about the Caesar. Geez.


How-To: Make a Gin-Based Bloody Mary

Everyone seems to know someone who claims to have the best Bloody Mary recipe, but we'll bet they've never thought to swap in gin instead of vodka. Austin-based bartender Chris Bostick shows us how to make one of these glorious beverages.


Here's a Video Remix of Dogs in Slow Motion, Shot on a Phantom Camera and Set to Nazareth's 'Hair of the Dog'

It's rare to find two things that pair together as nicely as classic hard rock and slow motion video. It's got to do with dramatic effect and bending time, which are elements very few slow motion videos or classic hard rock songs lack. In other words...